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October 06, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: Autumn from the Heart of the Home

Today's post takes a bit of a twist from the usual, as my wishlist item today is one I hope will end up on YOUR wishlist, because I already have and love it.

The cookbook is Autumn from the Heart of the Home by Susan Branch.

If you are not yet familiar with Susan, let me be the first to introduce you to the author who taught me that the kitchen is the "Heart of the Home". My mother had her "Vineyard Seasons" cookbook (now sadly out of print), and I pored over it when I was younger. Every page in a Susan Branch book is a work of art -- literally! She hand-paints every book she publishes.

If they were only beautiful, that might be enough for me, but they also contain delicious recipes and fabulous entertaining tips. She even includes great ideas for hostess or neighbor gifts and decorating. Susan Branch always makes me want to be a better hostess, housekeeper, friend, neighbor, and wife -- not to mention a better cook.

Autumn is my favorite because, well...  I bet you can guess.

Other fantastic books by Susan Branch:
Heart of the Home
Girlfriends Forever
Sweets to the Sweet
Christmas from the Heart of the Home
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