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February 13, 2013

Heavenly Meyer Lemon Pudding

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Please click here to get the recipe at my new site, PB&J Eats!


  1. This looks heavenly. I'm totally going to try it!

  2. We got 10 Meyer lemons from our tree this month (December 2015), most of them huge (3/4 cup juice from the first one) so I tried this pudding. It's wonderful, easy, and turned out great! Thanks, Kristyn! I, too, used 2% milk. My only variance from your instructions was straining out the lemon zest before pouring into the dessert dishes.

    1. How I would love to grow Meyer lemons! I tried once and it took a full year to grow one fairly sad lemon. I can only imagine how much better this recipe would taste with lemons fresh from the tree! Thanks for your comment.


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