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November 07, 2013

Million Dollar Chicken

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Please click here to get the recipe at my new site, PB&J Eats!


  1. I made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious. Did not disappoint!! Adding to my recipe box. Roasting a chicken is probably my single most favorite dinner in the world. It's such a simple rustic pleasure. I do it probably twice a month. This adds a nice twist

    1. SO glad you liked it. I couldn't agree more about roast chicken. It is such a simple decadence!

  2. Is there a substitution for the Aleppo pepper? I can't find it in my area.

    1. If you can find Ancho chile flakes, I hear they're similar, or you can get a similar flavor by substituting 3/4 tsp. paprika and 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper.
      And if all else fails, regular old red pepper flake will do. Use about half the amount, as they are much spicier than the Aleppo pepper.
      Let me know if you use any of those and how it turns out for you. Happy cooking!


  4. Aleppo pepper is also available from Amazon. There are a number of brands. :-)

    I'm going to order the pepper and then make this in my cast iron grill pan. I'm curious to see if it will work in the grill pan, since I'm somewhat obsessed with using mine. LOL

    1. Good to know about the pepper. Amazon has just about everything, doesn't it?
      And you'll have to let me know how it turns out with the grill pan. I can't imagine that it could be bad. Happy cooking!

  5. The grill pan turned out to be a really good move. The bread didn't come directly in contact with the bottom of the pan, so it didn't burn at all and was a lovely golden color.

    I added cut-up, skin-on Russet potatoes around the chicken and they came out AMAZING, due to the drippings. I also added extra garlic powder to the glaze. You can't go wrong with extra garlic, I always say.

    I added a little extra pepper, too, which I regretted afterward. The pepper was mild in the jar but seemed to get hotter from exposure to the oven heat. So it was pretty spicy by the time the chicken was done. But that was really only an issue for the bread and skin; the meat tasted SO good. It was juicy and had truly amazing flavor.

    Next time, I think I'll cut back quite a bit on the pepper and add some roasted garlic to the glaze. But I'm a lightweight when it comes to spice and I love garlic, so that's just my personal preference.

    It's a stunning recipe. Thanks!


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