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PKK is Moving!

April 13, 2016

PKK is Moving!

When I started this blog, I was recently married and working my way through college. Things have certainly changed since then. And so, the day has come! After more contemplation than was probably necessary, I have finally decided to change the name of this blog to something that more accurately conveys what it's about these days; Food for my family. Food for my boys. So I'd like you to meet...

P B & J Eats!

If you want to know why I picked that name, I explain it on the new "About" page, here.

This means my blog also needs to scoot over to a new URL. So be sure update your bookmarks (if anyone besides my mom and husband have this site bookmarked, that is) to, but don't worry, this site will redirect for quite a few months.

Please have patience with me while I work to get kinks worked out at the new site and get everything redirected. I'm really excited for this new chapter, and I hope you guys are, too!

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